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Spring Interior Design Trends To Try

Spring Interior Design Trends To Try

Posted by Barn Mansion on Feb 25th 2022

Spring Interior Design Trends To Try


Spring has officially arrived, and with the promise of warmer weather and the hope of new beginnings, it often feels intuitive to refresh our home-style to reflect the change in seasons. It's time to open the windows, let in some fresh air, and perhaps treat a room or two to a makeover, especially if you haven't tried something new for a while. Each season, we look to new “trends” or perspectives inspired by our surroundings and consider fresh ways to create moments through layering pieces that speak to new beginnings.

Here, we share the 5 biggest spring interior design trends we're looking forward to leaning into this year and explain how you can achieve these in your home, even if you don't have a large budget to work with. So, no matter if you want to beautify your bedroom, liven up your lounge, or make your kitchen incredibly cool, we have some tips that are sure to inspire you. Expect to see new forms that incorporate recycled paper, plastic, foam, fiber or cork. Reclaimed brick, wood, and glass also get a makeover in greener interiors. However, this spring decorating trend can be customized to any interior style.

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Natural Tones and Textures

We’ve seen a shift towards more natural home décor in recent years, with rattan, wood and earthy tones becoming more popular. Natural tones and textures bring a relaxed, warm and soothing atmosphere to your home. The earthy look is timeless, translating well across all seasons and blending seamlessly with a variety of home styles. We have seen people spending more time at home in the past two years, and incorporating elements of nature within your interior décor can help to form a ‘sanctuary’ – providing a calming, harmonious space that balances indoor and outdoor living.

While incorporating natural textures is hardly a trend, we’re excited to lean into mixing pieces inspired by different eras and influences this spring. Materials like travertine and burl wood have been on our radar for a while now, and we love how much depth they add to a minimal color palette. When refreshing your styling this spring, don’t shy away from pieces and materials with natural imperfections that lend a lived-in and relaxed feeling to any vignette.


Warm Deep Hues

Soft, curved furniture pieces are a great home staple and a worthwhile investment. Curves help to soften the sharpness of room corners, tables and benches, creating a sense of comfort and coziness. Boucle sofas had a comeback this year, and we fully expect this style to remain popular for years to come. There are also a number of simple ways to incorporate curves through your interior décor, such as round ottomans, pillows or rugs. While warm hues are typically included in autumn and winter palettes, we’re carrying them through the spring in our homes this year to reflect the warmth of the season. Light browns, deep terracotta hues, and materials that lend warmth like leather and wood all bring a feeling of comfort and depth to the home, layering them into your current styling a breeze.


Bring The Outdoors In

We know the idea of florals for spring isn’t groundbreaking, but we’re looking forward to a new take on expressing the budding of new life, nonetheless. This season, we’re incorporating them into our homes with exaggerated scale, from large-scale prints on art and textiles to micro-print florals on bedding and wallpaper. With the environment being at the forefront of many people’s minds, it is unsurprising that one of the 5 biggest spring interior trends is bringing the outside in. There are lots of great ways to make your home feel like an outside space, and with the right items you can do this in a way that makes your room feel fresh and calming.

One of the simplst ways to bring the outside into your home is with tropical print décor and fabrics. We love how great a tropical leaf print looks on a dark background, and finding wallpaper or soft furnishings that feature this look is guaranteed to bring a relaxed feeling into the space. You want to aim for a print that is sophisticated rather than cartoony, and be brave when opting for a bold print – you won’t regret it!


Playful Details

From unexpected cut-out features in décor pieces to reeded textures on furniture pieces, we’re all about zooming in on the details this season. Whether your space is big or small, bringing subtle interest to each corner is about the most minor elements. If you’re refreshing your home for spring, consider which vignettes in your home could use a new life, and incorporate a piece with an interesting texture or shape to draw the eye in.


Textured Tiling

Texture is a key element of interior design, as it helps to create depth, vibrancy and warmth within your home. Tiles are a great way to add a stylish layer to your home and we are seeing textured tiles become more in demand. Textured tiles can be incorporated anywhere in your home and in a variety of unique ways – such as on furniture, on the kitchen island bench, or in your bathrooms. Some particularly popular timeless styles include terracotta, mosaics and glazed porcelain.

Textures are another huge trend this spring, with a particular emphasis on natural materials which are both stylish and cozy. The key to achieving this trend is mixing a number of different textures using throws, cushions, and blankets to create something that looks both stylish and inviting. There are loads of different ways to mix up textures and make them look interesting. For example, fringing is going to be huge this year, so investing in items with fringing will mean that you cover both trends in one. The same goes for pompoms, and these cute details can be found on everything from footstools and throws to wall hangings and lamps!

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