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How to Make Your Living Room Feel Warmer

How to Make Your Living Room Feel Warmer

Posted by Barn Mansion on Feb 26th 2022

How to Make Your Living Room Feel Warmer


It doesn't get more inviting than this. Nowadays, most of us are constantly searching for comfort and warmth. When we buy a new place, we want it to be inviting and cozy. A quiet place makes anyone feel secure and safe. The living room is where you spend most of your time, whether alone or with friends and families. It can be so exciting to decorate our homes the way we want. With that being said, you can create a living room that will feel like a warm embrace if you follow some interior design tips that take the coldness out of any house. When you invite someone into your home, you want them to feel comfortable. Not "take up residence on the sofa and stay a few weeks" comfortable, more like "take off your shoes and enjoy an aperitif é comfortable. There's a lot to be said for how interior design can make guests feel welcome. At the end of the day, what's most important is that you feel at peace in your own space. If you're stumped on what direction to go with your living room, follow your gut, and pick pieces and projects that make you happy. The result will be a space that is perfect and 100 percent you.Get inspired to try these simple design tricks to make your interior more warm and inviting for the chilly season.


Choose Earthly Colors

The first thing you should do is paint the walls with soothing colors. Warm colors such as beige, light brown, baby blue, and grey provide a cozy atmosphere. Dark shades can do that as well if you are into deeper hues. The color you choose will probably remind you of your favorite scenery. However, stay away from neon because these shades can be disturbing to look at from any distance


Throw in Some Textiles

Textiles give the place a warm vibe because of their layering effect. If you have an old knitted sweater or blanket, they can be used on a sofa with a matching color. Curtains block out undesirable streetlights, and they also decorate the windows. On the other hand, cushions are also a great addition to your couch that you can hold or rest your head on them. Most of them should be simple so that they won’t dazzle the eyes.


Cover the Floor

When floors are uncovered, they look and feel cold. That’s why carpets are essential if you want the room to be cozy. They also absorb some of the sounds so that the place will become less noisy. Moreover, kids love to play on the floor, so they will enjoy being in your house if it feels warm. However, rugs are an investment that you can’t change all the time. So, you have to consider more than just the appearance. Carpeting enthusiasts at recommend choosing the rug according to their cleanability, liability of showing wear, and whether they are hygienic or not. So, don’t purchase the first rug you like; however, ask around and pick the best one for your health.


Warm Up With Wood Tones

Wood is another surefire way to add instant warmth and character to your space, be it through furniture, walls, or decor. Go with light woods if you tend to lean towards open and airy spaces, go with darker woods for a more moody and cozy ambiance, or mix and match for the best of both worlds


Include some Wood Materials

Furniture, panels, ceilings are made in different materials. Nowadays, wood is being refined and used to add a rustic and warm effect. You can play in the color and texture to have different shapes and shades. Some projects are aiming towards painting on wooden logs. Those are good-looking and help the environment by recycling materials.

A wooden library or a couple of shelves full of books is an excellent addition as well. A reading nook with a small window can give you the peace of mind you have been looking for. Moreover, novels comfort you in ways you never knew was possible.

Keep It Casual

There's something to be said for a sophisticated formal living room—it's an impressive space to host guests and a satisfying spot to unwind with a glass of wine. But when you're looking for somewhere to veg out and burrow yourself in a pile of blankets, you probably want a more casual space. Avoid furniture and decor that feels too fancy, opting instead for pieces that relax you as soon as you walk in the room. Beyond pillows, layer different textures to make your space feel extra cozy: Think soft rugs, knit blankets, and touchable cushions—all of which will add to the comfort factor that will contribute to your ultimate lazy day.

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